How to book a tour

Booking methods.

Only buying a tour through this website of our company gives you the opportunity to receive direct discounts and participate in annual promotions!

The conditions can be found in the “Promotions and discounts” section. In order to issue a ticket, select the tour that suits you and send an application using the “Book a tour” section. After that, the application is automatically sent for processing. Our manager will contact you within 48 hours to confirm your order. If for technical reasons the answer did not come within the specified time, please contact us by one of the phones indicated on the website. A package will be sent to the address you specify:

Agreement (original)

Certified program of the tour you have chosen.

Invoice for prepayment in the amount of 5000 rubles from the cost of the tour (Attention: when booking the tour “Sunny Island of Olkhon” and “The Best of Olkhon Island”, no prepayment is taken).

Tourist’s memo Information sheet.

A voucher for accommodation and meals is given upon arrival only after the full payment of the tour.

After receiving these documents, you will need to make an advance payment in the amount of 5000 rubles, according to the invoice. The rest of the payment upon arrival in cash, on the first day of the tour (payment cards are not accepted). The manager always contacts you by the specified phone number or sends a message to e-mail within 48 hours.

Options for making an advance payment

You can make an advance payment immediately by a scanned copy of the invoice sent to your e / address, the original documents will be sent by mail. You can make an advance payment after receiving a package of documents by mail, in this case, an advance payment will need to be made no later than 10 days from the date of receipt of the documents at the post office.

Payment of the bill can be made:

Through an operator in your bank where you have an account (tariffs for bank services are not included in the tour price);

Through an operator from the account of a legal or natural person, in any bank in any city not included)

Through Sberbank Online or another mobile bank to which your card is linked.

To do this, you need our details:

Settlement account



Example of payment for a tour through Sberbank Online.

We go to Sberbank Online, click on payments and transfers, then transfer the organization, then enter the recipient’s account number, the recipient’s TIN, BIC. Select an account/debit card. Enter your full name and address in the information field. We put the amount according to the invoice. In the purpose of payment, write “Payment for the tour.” We carefully check the specified details and confirm the operation with a one-time password. After that, the payment is transferred to the Bank for processing. The executed payment is credited to the beneficiary’s account no later than the next banking (working) day after the payment is made.

Booking and buying a tour through a travel agency.

You can also book and buy the tour you like at any travel agency in your city (except for the Budget package, which is purchased by direct booking through our website). To do this, you need: Select a specific tour and date of arrival. Print the selected tour, the cost of the tour you have chosen, as well as our contacts. Contact any travel agency in your city and ask them to organize a trip for you to us according to the tour you have chosen and the price indicated on our website. Wait a few days and buy a ticket. After you provide the travel agency with a printout of our tour, the cost and the estimated date of arrival, we will contact your agency, sign an agreement with them, discuss all the nuances, and send all the necessary information regarding your holiday. We always send agencies detailed information on the tour: Our program with a detailed description of each day. Tourist note. Safety memo. Information sheet. Please ask for this information from the travel agency through which you are booking our tour.

See you at lake Baikal!